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Roller Walls

Roller Walls

Comfort & Convenience

Our range of roller walls create the ultimate shade and weather proofing solution, to your new or existing structure. These are available in with a manual or automatic retraction, enclosing your outdoor structure for an optimum internal ambiance, for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Style & Quality

The roller wall adds to the aesthetics of any fixed structure, with a wide variety of fabrics to choose from to compliment your enclosed area. Our roller walls are manufactured within Italy using our most prestigious provider, for the utmost quality finish and durability.

Roller Walls
Roller Walls

Technical Information

  • Manual or auto

  • 700cm wide drop 400cm

  • Sun, wind, rain sensors available

  • Micro LED lights available in cassette

  • standard crystal fabric, colour fabrics, mess screen

  • Hand hold remote control

Our sales team are on hand to assist you with your purchase. We are happy to demonstrate the various options, fabrics available and assist you with any questions you may have, contact us today on 0844 561 7679.

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