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The Onda


Aesthetics & Practicality

The Onda is optimum combination of aesthetics versus practicality, incorporating its chic Italian design whilst accommodating for the British weather. Its manually retractable roof is manufactured using PVC fabric and available in a variety of colours as is the exterior frame creating your perfect colour combination.

Lightweight & Durable

The Onda frame is manufactured using a high grade T6 aluminium and available in either a 90mmx90mm post or a 120mmx120mm post dependant on the structures size or your desire location. These are bolted to the ground to maintain structural integrity within extreme weather conditions, keeping you outdoor dining throughout the year.


Technical Information

  • 90mmx90mm aluminium frame (120mm version available)

  • PVC fabric roof

  • Frame colours

  • Fabric roof colours

  • Optional side curtains

  • Available up to 6mx5m

Our sales team are on hand to assist you with your purchase. We are happy to demonstrate the various colour combinations, fabrics available, assembly instructions and assist you with any questions you may have, contact us today on 0844 561 7679.

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