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Giulio Barbieri Range


The Onda

The Onda is optimum combination of aesthetics versus practicality, incorporating its chic Italian design whilst accommodating for the British weather. Its manually retractable roof is manufactured using PVC fabric and available in a variety of colours as is the exterior frame creating your perfect colour combination. CLICK HERE to enquire.

The Qzebo

Fixed roof coverage with all the style of a traditional gazebo, with the quality of a pergola. The Qzebo is the stylish answer to your shade and shelter needs with its lightweight frame topped with a tensioned PVC fabric roof, creating all weather protection with a premium finish. CLICK HERE to enquire.

Eclettica 1 _edited.jpg

The Eclettica

Fixed roof coverage with a luxurious finish from the iconic creators at Giulio Barbieri. Create you own area for peace and tranquillity with its fabric false ceiling housing ambient lighting for a soft glow and options such as sound absorption technology for the ultimate outdoor living area. CLICK HERE to enquire.

Our sales team are on hand to assist you with your purchase. We are happy to demonstrate the various fixing options, fabrics available, integrating logos and assist you with any questions you may have, contact us today on 0844 561 7679.

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